Fender's New Player Series

Fender's New Player Series

Fender's New Player Series Fender recently announced its new Player Series, which will replace the company's Mexican-made Standard Series. Player Series models will feature Alnico pickups and satin-finished maple necks across the lineup, as well as updated body radii, 22-fret necks, upgraded bridges, new finishes and a revised logo. New finishes for the Player Series include Sage Green, Polar White, Tidepool, Buttercream and Sonic Red, while other upgrades include pau ferro fingerboards across the range and the appearance of the ‘F’ logo on the models’ neck plates.

Take a Closer Look at Fender's New Player Series

The Player Series is definitely a large one, featuring the Stratocaster—in standard, left-handed, HSS, HSH, Plus Top, HSS Plus Top and Floyd Rose incarnations—the Telecaster—in left-handed and HH versions—the Jaguar—in HS form—and the Jazzmaster, in HH. You can take a tour of all of the new models below. 

strat:strat left

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