The left-handed “killer” | Keith Langford

The left-handed “killer” | Keith Langford

The left-handed “killer” | Keith Langford. The stats speak for themselves: Keith Langford is the 27th best scorer in the EuroLeague, though he has much fewer games compared to the others above him, whom he will have the chance to exceed by returning to the competition. One can see his value in scoring averages, where he’s 4th right now with 17.14 points, the first being Alphonso Ford, the second Panagiotis Liadelis and the third Arvydas Macijauskas! Langford, though, has played many more games (118) than these players.

Keith Langford: The left-handed “killer” | Eurohoops

Panathinaikos Superfoods are bringing Keith Langford to Greece for the first time, a player who, at 35 years of age, is one of the best scorers and who has done great things in the EuroLeague thanks to his unique skill: to make the opponent “bleed” through his scoring.

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