Left Handed Quarterbacks

Author:  Sykeena Jackson
Left handed NFL Quarterbacks are very rare. Left handers make up 10% of the population and only .85% of NFL throwers per Five Thirty Eight.  We've accumulated a list of left-handed quarterbacks.

While the Quarterback position in the NFL has always been mainly played by right-handers, notable retired lefties include Mark Brunell (JAX), Boomer Esiason (CIN, NYJ), Ken Stabler (OAK), Steve Young (TB, SF) and Jim Zorn (SEA).

Our information is based off NFL, Bleacher Report, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Rutgers University and Wikipedia.   
Left-Handed NFL Quarterbacks Birthday
Allie Sherman February 10, 1923
Bobby Douglass June 22, 1947
Boomer Esiason April 17, 1961
Brock Huard April 15, 1976
Cade McNown January 12, 1977
Chris Simms August 29, 1980
Dave Ragone October 3, 1979
David Greene June 22, 1982
David Humm April 2, 1952
Dennis Morrison May 18, 1951
Doug Nussmeier December 11, 1970
Erik Wilhelm November 16, 1965
Ernie Case November 23, 1919
Frankie Albert January 27, 1920
Fred Wyant April 26, 1934
Jared "Hefty Lefty" Lorenzen February 14, 1981
Jeff Carlson May 23, 1966
Jim Del Gaizo May 31, 1947
Jim Zorn May 10, 1953
Kellen Moore July 5, 1988
Kenneth Stabler December 25, 1945
Mark Brunell September 17, 1970
Matt Leinart May 11, 1983
Matt Lytle September 4, 1975
Michael Vick June 26, 1980
Mike Shula June 3, 1965
Paul McDonald February 23, 1958
Scott Mitchell January 2, 1968
Steve Matthews October 13, 1970
Steve Young October 11, 1961
Terry Baker May 5, 1941
Tim Tebow August 14, 1987
Todd Marinovich July 4, 1969
Tony Graziani December 23, 1973
Will Furrer February 5, 1968


Mike Shula was a REALLY hard to find left handed quarterback.  He only played one season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  


Per Wiki, Shula's football career started with the Crimson Tide, where he was the starting quarterback from 1984 to 1986. The team's record during these three seasons was 24–11–1 (.681), with wins in the Aloha Bowl and the Sun Bowl, plus key victories over USC, Ohio State and Notre Dame. Despite a lack of overwhelming athletic ability or a particularly strong arm, Shula was known for his gutsy performances in big games. He engineered last-minute comebacks against rival Auburn in the 1985 Iron Bowl, and Georgia. After graduating from Alabama, Shula was selected in the 12 round as the 313th overall pick of the 1987 NFL Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he saw little playing time in 1987, his only season in the NFL.

Per "Saturday Down South", Mike Shula, was one of the top 5 left handed quarterbacks in SEC history.  Al.com confirms that former Alabama players Ken Stabler and Mike Shula were both lefties.


Allie Sherman

Allie Sherman | Left Handed Quarterback


Bobby Douglass

Bobby Douglass | Left handed quarterback



Boomer Esiason

Boomer Esiason | left handed quarterback | lefties only


Brock Huard

Brock Huard Left handed quarterback


Cade McNown

Cade McNown | Left Handed Quarterback


Chris Simms

Chris Simms | Left Handed Quarterback


Dave Ragone

Dave Ragone |Left Handed Quarterback


David Greene

David Greene | Left Handed Quarterback


David Humm

David Humm | Left handed quarterback


Dennis Morrison

Dennis Morrison | Left handed quarterback


Doug Nussmeier

Doug Nussmeier | Left Handed Quarterback


Erik Wilhelm

Erik Wilhelm | Left Handed Quarterback


Ernie Case

Ernie Case | Left Handed Quarterback | Photo Credit: Football in Baltimore: History and Memorabilia from Colts to Ravens

Frankie Albert

Frankie Albert | left handed quarterback | lefties only


Fred Wyant

Fred Wyant | Left handed quarterback


Jared "Hefty Lefty" Lorenzen

Jared "Hefty Lefty" Lorenzen left handed quarterback


Jeff Carlson

Jeff Carlson | left handed quarterback


Jim Del Gaizo

Jim Del Gaizo left handed quarterback


Jim Zorn

Jim Zorn | left handed quarterback | lefties only


Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore | left handed quarterback


Ken “Snake” Stabler

Ken "Snake" Stabler | Left handed quarterback


Mark Brunell

Mark Brunell left handed quarterback


Matt Leinart

Matt Leinart left handed quarterback


Matt Lytle

Matt Lytle left handed quarterback


Michael Vick

Michael Vick left handed quarterback


Mike Shula

Mike Shula | left handed quarterback


Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald | left handed quarterback


Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell left handed quarterback


Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews left handed quarterback


Steve Young

Steve Young | left handed quarterback


Terry Baker

Terry Baker | left handed quarterback


Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow | left handed quarterback


Todd Marinovich

Todd Marinovich | left handed quarterback


Tony Graziani

Tony Graziani | left handed quarterback


Will Furrer

Will Furrer | left handed quarterback




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