Left Handed Golfers

We've accumulated a list of left-handed golfers.  Our information is based off us just watching and loving the game and the internet from what we see as reputable sports resources such as Ranker and the Golf Channel.  However, if you find that any of these golfers were truly not left-handed, contact us.  This list is updated regularly, so stay tuned for additions (or removals if necessary). 

Name Birthday
Arnold Palmer September 10, 1929
Bob Charles March 14, 1936
Bonny Bryant October 5, 1943
Brian Harman January 19, 1987
Bubba Watson November 5, 1978
Chris Gane June 5, 1974
Eric Axley April 22, 1974
Mike Weir May 12, 1970
Nick O'Hern October 18, 1971
Phil Mickelson June 16, 1970
Russ Cochran October 31, 1958


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