Left Handed Discrimination

Left Handed Discrimination

Author: Sykeena Jackson

Many types of discrimination exist worldwide in our society. Racial, gender, pregnancy, maternity, age, disability and many more. Most of us are aware we need to do more to address them and many people don't care and embrace such biases. Being left-handed is probably not one that is recognized. Even in grade school, left handed equipment is not something that educational institutions readily provide.

Research and studies show that left handed people are more intelligent, more inhibited, more skilled at fighting – and, of course, there’s the ancient myth that lefties are evil – the word ‘sinister’ comes from the Latin for ‘left’.


Despite this, and the massive evidence that lefties are amazing, some activists are suggesting there a clear lack of awareness in society that leaves some people within these groups left behind their peers.

We've found a great educational Youtube video on left-handedness.  It discusses discrimination and difficulties faced in today's left handed society.  If you're left-handed, friends with a left-hander or have left-handers in your family, this is great information for you.


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