Left Handed Football Players

Left-handed Football Players

Author: Sykeena Jackson

We've accumulated a list of left-handed football players.  Our information is based off us just watching and loving the game of football, books, internet and "word of mouth" from what we see as reputable sports resources such as RankerFox Sports and NFL.  However, if you find that any of these football players were/are truly not left-handed, contact us.  This list is updated regularly, so stay tuned for additions (or removals if necessary). 

New left handed football players are entering the league constantly.  We are excited about finding them, watching them play and adding them to our list.

Left-Handed Football Player Birthday
Dez Bryant November 4, 1988
Frankie Albert December 27, 1920
Terry Baker May 5, 1941
Mark Brunell September 17, 1970
Jim Del Gaizo May 31, 1947
Bobby Douglass June 22, 1947
Norman "Boomer" Esiason April 17, 1961
David Humm April 2, 1952
Paul McDonald February 23, 1958
Scott Mitchell January 2, 1968
Gale Sayers May 30, 1943
Allie Sherman February 10, 1923
Kenny Stabler December 25, 1945
Garo Yepremian June 2, 1944
Steve Young October 11, 1961
Jim Zorn May 10, 1953


Left Handed Football Players

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant | Left Handed Football Player

Frankie Albert

Frankie Albert | Left Handed Football | Left Handed Football Player

Terry Baker

Terry Baker Left Handed Football Player

Mark Brunell

Mark Brunell | Left Handed Football Player

Jim Del Gaizo

Jim Del Gaizo Left Handed Football Player

Bobby Douglass

Bobby Douglass Left Handed Football Player

Norman "Boomer" Esiason

Norman Esiason left handed football player

David Humm

David Humm | left handed football player

Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald left handed football player

Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell left handed football player

Gale Sayers

Gale Sayers left handed football player

Allie Sherman

Allie Sherman left handed football player

Kenny Stabler

Kenny Stabler left handed football player

Garo Yepremian

Garo Yepremian left handed football

Steve Young

Steve Young left handed football player

Jim Zorn

Jim Zorn left handed football player 



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