Left Handedness and Your Mental Health

Left Handedness and Your Mental Health

Left Handedness and Your Mental Health. According to neurosciencenews.com, the theory, called the “sword and shield hypothesis,” the way we perform actions with our hands determines how emotions are organized in our brains. Sword fighters of old would wield their swords in their dominant hand to attack the enemy — an approach action — & raise their shields with their non-dominant hand to fend off attack — an avoidance action. Consistent with these action habits, results show that approach emotions depend on the hemisphere of the brain that controls the dominant “sword” hand, and avoidance emotions on the hemisphere that controls the non-dominant “shield” hand.

Why Being Left Handed Matters for Mental Health

Researchers believe some treatments for mental health conditions may be ineffective, or even dangerous for left handed people. A new study reports areas of the brain housing alertness and determination may be on the right side for left dominant people. The new theory suggests the location of a perso...

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