Are Left Handed People Discriminated Against?

Are Left Handed People Discriminated Against?

Are Left Handed People Discriminated Against? There’s a lot of research into what left-handed people are and are not: studies suggest they are more intelligent, more inhibited, more skilled at fighting – and, of course, there’s the ancient superstition that lefties are evil – the word ‘sinister’ comes from the Latin for ‘left’. Despite this, and the overwhelming (and scientific) evidence that lefties are amazing, some activists are suggesting there a clear lack of awareness in society that leaves some people within these groups left behind their peers.

Campaign groups insist left handed children are being penalized in the classroom and that due to a lack of awareness many children’s educations are being stifled by a problem that could be easily fixed.

They say failure to accommodate lefties creates a vicious circle of lower marks and lower self-esteem, resulting in an inequality later in life.

Mark Watson, with his wife Heather, run a campaign group and shop for left-handers called Left n’ Write, and have called for a change to the national curriculum, among other things, to help address the issue.

He told RightsInfo: “There’s a bit in [the national curriculum] on handwriting which is statutory so schools have got to do it, and underneath that there’s a bit which says left handers should have appropriate guidance and that is non-statutory.”

“It’s as though they thought ‘handwriting is really important’ so we’d better include left-handers but not make it statutory. [Nick Gibb, Minister of State for Schools] wasn’t willing at the time to make it statutory.”

Dealt A Weaker Hand: How Left Handers Suffer Discrimination

How do we tackle it?

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