Razer Needs Kickstarter to Fund Naga Trinity Left Handed Edition

Razer Needs Kickstarter to Fund Naga Trinity Left Handed Edition

Left handers living in a righty world can be difficult.  Especially trying to accommodate to right  handed products.  Left handed products are not readily available, so many lefties are forced to become functioning ambidextrous. They even have to accommodate to the right handed fun stuff like gaming equipment.  Well, per Digital Trends, when it comes to computer mice, scissors, spiral notebooks and more, lefties are a neglected crowd. Peripherals and tools catering to southpaws are few and far between. Luckily Razer wants to help fix that — at least for the left-handed MMO gamer — by creating a left-handed version of its Naga Trinity mouse.

What’s interesting here is that the company took its left-handed crusade to Kickstarter to gauge interest and fund the project. Why go this route? Because the left-handed edition of Razer’s DeathAdder mouse was a low-demand peripheral with a high manufacturing cost. Simply put, Razer doesn’t have any plans to blindly jump into another costly lefty project.

Razer lefthanded gaming mouse

“A left-handed mouse requires significant resources and time — it’s not as simple as just flipping the original mouse design over,” the company states. “However, we were 100 percent committed to going ahead with the project because we saw a significant number of users who wanted one.”

Razer launched its Kickstarter project on August 2. Over the last four days, 224 backers pledged $27,484 with 25 more days to go to hit Razer’s $990,000 goal. As with any Kickstarter campaign, you’ll see tiers based on pledge amount. In this case, Razer provides seven ranging from $1 or more — Pitch in for a good cause — to $297 or more that will provide three Naga Trinity mice for you and your clan members.


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