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Lefties Only prides itself on offering the best of the best for all Left Handers out there.  Searching all over the internet for everyday items designed just for lefties is a hassle.  Even though, Lefties Only currently doesn't stock left handed school, kitchen, office supplies and gardening tools, we highly recommend shopping at Lefty's The Left Hand Store for those items.  We pride ourselves on providing the best of the best and we've done tons of research on finding what's best of the best. If we don't have what you need, you better know that we are working very hard trying to find you the best of the best.  Our goal is to eliminate you guys from having to search tirelessly just to find items that meet your needs from a dozen different stores.  It shouldn't be that hard!  Bookmark Lefties Only for your apparel.  Shop at Lefty's The Left Hand Store for your everyday items.  Thank us later and have fun!
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